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The money from the Murluka loan can be used for any purpose. To obtain a loan, you must meet the lender’s requirements and demonstrate a good credit standing.

Murluka offer

Murluka offer

Murluka is a company offering installment loans for the amount from 2,000 to 12,000 PLN. The loan period that we can choose ranges from 12 to 48 months. Thanks to the long repayment period, the loan will not be felt for our budget.

A loan from Murluka can be granted to persons aged 20-70. Such a wide age range of the borrower allows the loan to be taken by both students and pensioners. In most cases, the lender does not require proof of income. It all depends on our repayment options.

Who can take advantage of the Murluka offer?

Who can take advantage of the Murluka offer?

A person applying for a loan at Murluka must be old enough. 20-70 years is the period in which the borrower should be. In addition, he should have Polish citizenship, as well as a permanent address of residence in the country. Let’s remember that in our insolvency it will be used to contact us and provide us with a prompt.

A bank account is also required to receive the loan. Additional money will be transferred to him immediately after the application is processed. In turn, a mobile phone will allow the lender to confirm our identity. The Instantor service will also be used for this purpose.

How to get a loan from Murluka?

How to get a loan from Murluka?

Applying for a loan at Murluka is very easy. All you have to do is enter the lender’s website and use the special sliders to select the loan amount you are interested in and the repayment period. We should remember that these parameters were adjusted to our financial possibilities. After completing this action, you should proceed to complete the application. It should contain the most important data from our ID card. A PESEL number is necessary to receive a loan.

After submitting the application to the lender, we should confirm our data and provide the lender with the history of our payments using the Instantor application. This service works in real time, so right after logging in to the application using the data used to log in to the bank account, we can confirm the lender our solvency and receiving a stable income. If the lender assesses our creditworthiness positively, he will grant us a loan. The money on our account will appear in a few minutes, thanks to which we will be able to finalize the loan very soon.


Repayment of loan in Murluka – what does it look like?

Repayment of loan in Murluka - what does it look like?

You can pay off the loan at Murluka to your bank account via a quick transfer, as well as using a payment card. Please note that when repaying a loan, please indicate in the title of repayment that this is a transfer from us. How can we do this? It’s enough to include the number of our loan in the title of the transfer. This should also be done by a person who repays a loan for us from another bank account.

Forgetful people can take advantage of the “Recurring Payments” offer. Thanks to the programming of our account, money for loan repayment will be collected from it regardless of our actions. Thanks to this simplification, we will not miss debt repayment, so we will not expose our family to additional costs.

If, despite the convenient distribution of installments, we have a problem paying back the loan, we should consult the lender. Together, it is easier to work out a mutually beneficial solution. At Murluka, we can count on extending the loan repayment date. Thanks to this, we will not be entered in the register of debtors. It is worth remembering, however, that this involves additional costs.



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